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Companies who provide outsourced IT services and support face high customer expectations when it comes to service levels. As systems grow more complex and clients become increasingly mobile, maintaining the bottom line is becoming more and more difficult. To complicate matters further, security requirements are rarely uniform across clients and industries.
With KinexInfotech' IT Support Services, you can protect your IT investment and ensure the functioning of your systems is optimized with our end user support, data center management and other high quality technology support solutions. Find out how your IT systems can be robust, reliable and responsive to evolving business needs.

Our managed services and IT support solutions

KinexInfotech is able to provide custom IT support services and solutions to allow your organization to focus on its core business.

  • 24x7 service desk - do you want around-the-clock remote IT support to monitor your critical systems?
    This offering caters to the unique needs of national and international organizations.
  • Procurement and asset management - we manage the risks of specification, procurement and asset management.
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning - ensure your business survives and grows despite disruptions.
  • Capacity planning, IT health checks and reporting - Help you to proactively identify potential problems.
  • Infrastructure planning and design - helps you build a stable, flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure.
  • Network - manage, protect and optimize the communications fabric of your business.
  • IT security - Protect all five threat vectors: end points, data, network, email and web
  • Data storage and backup - control and manage data, its retention and compliance.
  • IT service desk (help desk) - help users with their day-to-day IT issues.
  • Cloud solutions - reduce your costs by embracing 'New World IT'.
  • Virtualization - reap the rewards from server consolidation.

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